A Word to God's People

While the COVID 19 pandemic has brought quite a disruption to the ministries of most congregations, I’d like you to know that churches across the Golden Triangle Baptist Network have risen to the occasion. I guess it takes only a couple of storms to teach us how to function when we can’t meet or conduct our usual ministries. At least this time there is nothing to mud out.

Like you, I pray for a quick resolution to COVID 19; however, we really don’t know how long this will last nor when your church may resume ministry as usual. With this in mind, I’d like to share these brief thoughts for the members and attenders of our GTBN congregations.

First, let me affirm that your pastors and ministry leaders did not make the decision to cancel services easily. There was much prayer and study of the advice given by government officials. No church in our fellowship made this decision in fear of government sanction. They did so in order to limit contacts between people, to slow viral spread and protect especially the most vulnerable members of our community.

Second, despite canceled meetings, churches are using the varied tools available to encourage the church, facilitate ongoing discipleship, and respond to ministry needs. Your church is still ministering in Christ’s name, to you, and to the lost world around us.

Third, since your church is still working, your pastor and staff are working. This is not an extended vacation for them, as you can tell by all their online communication and the efforts taken making it possible.

Finally, with ministry ongoing, your tithes and offerings still matter. I realize that many of you will experience financial loss. We’re all more conservative with our spending today. But the ministries of our Lord continue. Missionaries remain on the field. Your pastors and church staff members have obligations. And the church house itself must be kept ready for the day when we resume public worship.

So please, pray for your pastor, church staff, and our missionaries during this season of uncertainty. As they minister to you, reach out to them with a word of blessing and offer to help. And continue your generous giving to the Lord through His church to the best of your ability.

Colossians 3:17 says, “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” May this be our COVID 19 testimony!

Dr. Jim Turnbo

Golden Triangle Baptist Network

When We Can’t Meet Together

This has certainly been a roller coaster of a week. Last weekend in SETX we all were scrambling to conduct worship in gatherings no greater than 200. By Sunday the CDC had reduced the cap to 50. By Monday the presidential task force recommended no gatherings greater than 10 persons. Now, as I write, our local county judge has issued the order, “There shall be no gatherings of more than 10 persons.”

My point in this post is not to debate such policies. The COVID 19 pandemic is unprecedented in the experience of all living Americans. My goal rather is offer some guidance through a season during which churches cannot gather as are called to. To this end, let me share with you seven brief thoughts.

First, let me say that the church must gather together, physically. Nothing can replace the corporate gathering of God’s people, worshiping with one heart and voice, sharing the ordinances together. I understand in this given situation that we will cease gathering for a season. But as we work to engage God’s people through alternative means, let’s not equate it with what we have temporarily lost. It’s appropriate, I believe, to ponder what we cannot do, grieve it even, and encourage a sense of longing for that day when we will once again worship together. Mark Dever in today’s 9Marks podcast says much about this point.

Second, I believe it is important to provide a means for connecting with the church and encouraging spiritual development while we cannot gather. This is where the trend to live stream messages helps us. While these tools should never be described as replacing that personal, corporate worship experience, we can use the remote tools to instruct, inform, and inspire God’s people in these challenging days. While our most faithful people will wait in anticipation for our gatherings to resume, it does not hurt to help them guard their regular worship times as sacred unto Lord.

Third, which ever medium you choose for sharing your message, remember that we are shepherding people. Our goal is not merely to broadcast sermons, so when you finish don’t get all excited about the number of views you had. Most were likely with you only a moment or two. Consider how you will engage people with your message, such as encouraging comments during the stream, or providing a study guide for a family to discuss after they view your message.

Next, make use of your existing discipleship structure. The best prepared churches for our current situation are those with a well developed process for small group disciple making. Those groups likely have already found alternative means to meet, like using Zoom Meeting or Google Hangouts. If they haven’t, coach your leaders. Call your people to their existing curriculum and encourage them to use it. If your disciple making structure is weak, build off your messages by providing a study guide or daily Bible readings that families could follow together.

Fifth, connect with your people. Even if you serve a small church, don’t do this by yourself. Use your disciple making or Sunday School organization as the foundation for communicating with your members. Set a goal of everyone receiving at least one call each week. Keep it simple. “Hey, it’s Jim from Friendship Baptist. Just calling to see how you are… Is there anything I can pray with you about?… I look forward to when we can worship together again, but until then remember pastor Phil will live stream on Facebook Sunday at 10:30.”

As you connect, make sure you have multiple avenues for people to share needs they have and prayer concerns. Don’t let the inability to gather keep you from ministering to God’s people.

Likewise for giving. If your church does not provide for online giving, do it. Lifeway Generosity is offering the service at no cost other than the card service fees (which are minimal). And don’t be afraid to remind people that their offerings are important.

Sixth, watch for ministry needs as this situation develops. We’re still the church. A colleague shared this morning about a church helping to house international students whose dorms were closed and they could not return home. With businesses either limited or closed, jobs might be lost. What circumstances has God placed before you in order for you to reflect Him?

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity our present situation presents for sharpening your ministry. Those congregations that resist change really have no choice now. Has your treasurer resisted online giving? He’s begging for it now. Have your people resisted discipleship groups? Does your web page still list your predecessor as pastor? Take this chance to polish the electronic and disciple making tools that are so crucial now, that they will be important tools supporting your ministry long after COVID 19 has passed.

As a missiologist I am excited about the new means for conducting ministry you will discover during these days. It will be interesting to see which ones we hold on to when this is over.

May God reveal Himself mightily through you and His church in these days!

Dr. Jim Turnbo

Golden Triangle Baptist Network

Back Up and Writing

There is nothing like a crisis to make you pick up, or in this case reestablish, a habit. The crisis is COVID 19. The habit is blogging. Since beginning my current assignment as missionary for the Golden Triangle Baptist Network, most of my writing has been through other media, namely the weekly Communique and Facebook posts. But these means, while useful, are limited. So I am returning to my practice of blogging to provide content that, at least from my perspective, has a little more depth to it, as well as more interaction.

Especially during this period of “extreme flexibility” I hope this to be another tool to serve our GTBN ministers and others as we live out Christ’s calling amidst a changing world.

Let me know what you want to talk about. My focus for the next few days will be on resources that may prove helpful to you and your church in these days ahead.

If you church is not part of the Golden Triangle Baptist Network, please feel free to follow us and use whatever you learn to His glory.


Bro. Jim

More than just words.

#BetterTogether. It’s the hashtag you’ve seen on my social media posts concerning ministry visits across the Golden Triangle Baptist Network. But it’s much more than a descriptor. It’s a conviction.

Less than 6 months into this new assignment, I remain in the honeymoon, establishing relationships and getting acquainted with our congregations. There is much yet to learn to serve them well. But one thing I learned quickly was how diverse our churches and their pastors are.

Don’t laugh. I realize most GTBN congregations are Anglo, middle class churches. I rejoice over the multi ethnic, African American, Hispanic, and Asian fellowships we have, and I pray for more. But today, we are who we are. Looking beyond the demographics, though, I see churches of various shapes and sizes.

Such diversity can complicate things. The greater our differences, the more complicated cooperation becomes. It’s so much easier when we all think alike, work the same schedule, or follow the same leaders. But this is a poor excuse to shun cooperation.

I believe God expects more from us. The New Testament church was diverse. Jewish Christians came from two camps, those favoring traditional or Grecian culture. Gentile believers were themselves a diverse demographic, with masters, slaves, persons of prominence and others much less so. And yes, the Bible says much about their dispute and dissension.

But, aside from top tier doctrines and unrepentant sin, God did not instruct them to separate over their differences. In fact, to one disputing church Paul prayed the Lord would, “… grant you to live in such harmony with one another… that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” (Rom. 15:5-6, ESV).

Despite our differences, God calls us to live in harmony that, with one heart and voice we would glorify Him.

Does this mean that there are never reasons to pull back. Of course not. The Golden Triangle Baptist Network is a confessional fellowship. There are lines one cannot cross and maintain fellowship. But among the GTBN congregations I’ve encountered so far, no one is running toward those lines. We stand together for Christ, proclaiming His word, to His glory.

We are better together.

More on this later. May God bless and keep you.

Bro. Jim