We are the Merwins

Joshua, Rebekah, McKenna, Aaron, and Jedediah. We have what some may call an "unconventional" lifestyle. Nothing weird or crazy, just different.

After more than 2 years of the railroad taking Dad away from the things he was working so hard to provide for our family, we decided that something had to change. Rebekah was holding the fort down 5-6 days a week while essentially being a "single mom", the kids were living with an "absent father" and Dad would come in on the weekends to tackle chores and go, go, go. We were tired of missing each other during the week then being diligent to make up for lost time on Saturdays. We were missing out on shared memories as the kids grew and see-sawing between a 1 or 2 parent household was taking its toll. This had to change, SO.... after long discussions, months of searching, researching, reading, and looking, we made the decision to sell off nearly everything we owned, including our house that we absolutely loved, and purchase a 5th wheel travel trailer.

We are now "Full-Time" RVer's. We are "Living on the Road". This is a story about us, the adventures we take, and the memories we make while being #BetterTogether.